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Krista Smith is a multi-talented consultant, grant writer, strategist, and intuitive thinker. As a queer mix-race Latina feminist artist I’ve had the joy and pleasure of working with Krista for over 5 years. Her insight, support, and expertise have helped steward my artistic career as a solo performer and producer of my artistic work. Krista brings wisdom and passion to assisting artists understanding grant funding through a social justice lens. Krista is a compassionate advocate for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ artists and I highly recommend working with her.   -  Tina D’Elia, Solo Performer, Writer, and Actor 

Krista Smith is an excellent communicator, super hard worker, focused writer, and trusted advisor. Her extensive background in development — sitting on review boards, advising funders, and creating proposals for a wide variety of organizations — allows her to bring to bear knowledge and expertise that you just can’t find anywhere else. Plus, she can spot a budget problem at nine yards. Working with Krista has been a collaborative dream, and at the end of every year when I count my blessings, she is one of them.  Katie Gilmartin, Director Chrysalis Studio and Queer Ancestors Project



I support organizations to define and develop future internal and external strategies to meet their long-term goals, including facilitating planning meetings or retreats, and researching market trends and future developments that might affect potential strategies.

Strat. Plan - Services



I specialize in supporting artists and non-profit organizations to achieve specific fundraising goals and overcome obstacles to revenue growth. Goals may be related to any area of development, including grant writing, individual donations, fundraising events, or earned income.

Dev Coach - Services

MEETING & Workshop


I work with my clients to create and facilitate workshops for their Staff, Boards, Constituency, and Grantees with the goal to conduct the best, most effective discussion to support individuals or a group to move forward while keeping an eye on the overall objective of the meeting or workshop.


Since 2015, I have helped San Francisco Bay Area based artists and arts organizations to raise over $5,000,000 since 2015 by providing grant writing and reporting services. Learn more about some of these organizations.

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